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To: Kohls Corporate

KOHLS: Petition for Holiday time off.

KOHLS: Petition for Holiday time off.

Allow employees time off to spend with their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Why is this important?

This is important because family is the basis of what made this country what it once was and should be again... A nation founded on belief in morality and the true values of what is important, other than the "Almighty dollar."


Reasons for signing

  • Retail jobs are tough. Employees at the very least should get time off during holidays to spend with their families.
  • Retailer's have convinced themselves WE (the shoppers) have demanded stores be open earlier and later every holiday season. The shoppers have not demanded this, the Retailers only concern is their bottom line. That is why we are having Christmas jammed in our faces weeks before Thanksgiving. If the Retailers would expose themselves to the world of reality, they would find, WE (the shoppers) are "DISGUSTED" with the Retailers!!!


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