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To: Publix Supemarkets

Let men have long hair

I would like Publix Supermarkets to review the dress code policies that say men are not aloud to grow long hair. I have spoken with many employees(including management) as well as customers of Publix, and we all agree that there is no health and safety bases for this policy.

Why is this important?

These policies are out dated, and archaic.
They stem from the 1930s when Publix was originally founded. The social norm of the era was that it was considered polite for men to be well groomed with hair above the ear and not touching their collar.
However this is 2018 and society has changed. We shouldn't have to abide by the social norms of 88 years ago in order to keep our jobs.


2020-10-28 01:06:51 -0400

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