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To: Grant O'Brien, Woolworths CEO

Woolworths: it's time for an injury free workplace

Woolworths: it's time for an injury free workplace

At some Woolworths warehouses, workers routinely lift heavy objects above their shoulders and sustain repetitive injuries due to dangerously high pallets. This needs to end. All Woolworths warehouses should be safe work environments.

In an effort to make our workplaces safer, Woolworths employees wish to form a national health and safety forum, which sets safety standards for all Woolworths warehouses. We're calling on Woolworths management to support this and refrain from bullying or retaliating against employees who engage in the national forum.

Why is this important?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Woolworths warehouse workers are now officially working in Australia’s deadliest industry.

We need real safety policies in Woolworths warehouses to ensure every worker goes home without injury. Workers are asking Woolworths, one of Australia’s best performing companies, to encourage a pro-active focus on safety, taking steps to implement industry-wide standards and best practices.

Over the last few months, workers representatives at Woolworths from around Australia have been working together to discuss local and national health and safety issues. Unfortunately, workers in various facilities around the country have suffered back, shoulder and other injuries. Some workers will need to have ongoing treatment to live with these injuries. Woolworths health and safety standards can be insufficient, misunderstood or even simply ignored. They are often inadequate in protecting workers from harm.

Woolworths warehouse workers do not yet have a national forum to adequately address health and safety matters in an effective and efficient manner. Now we want Woolworths senior management to meet with us to address and resolve our issues together. It's time for Woolworths to acknowledge this problem and support its employees in creating a national forum for safety on the job. Let's make all Woolworths warehouses safe places to work!

How it will be delivered

Workers from Woolworths, Big W and Masters will deliver to Grant O'Brien

Reasons for signing

  • Have previously worked for the company as an agency casual and found although safety is talked about often, the nature of the job requires unsafe work practices.
  • I was injured and spent 14 months of work, and all I got was threats and intimidation, as for the all ears campaign, Woolworths wall paper means nothing.
  • we need to be united in safety at work so we all go home free from injury to enjoy life


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