To: Starbucks

Let Starbuck employees wear acrylics/ paint nails

This campaign has ended.

Let Starbuck employees wear acrylics/ paint nails

Allow partners to paint their nails or wear acrylics to work.

Why is this important?

This is important because I have spoken to many partners who feel the same way and haven’t been able to voice their feelings. It is a form of self expression and the rule has prevented many people from wanting working there. In 2019, society has very much advocated for self expression and Starbucks has good values already, but allowing this would further more support that.


Reasons for signing

  • Arylics with rules on how long, kept simple, and kept clean, should be fine. Our policy is to have clean kept nails and trust me my regular nails are nasty and ugly. I’m embarrassed to show customers my ugly hands but if I had my nails done I’d look way better and way more put together.
  • This is the only reason That I have ever thought about quitting my job