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To: Brigitte Herbert, Director of Regional Operations

Let Starbucks Partners Decorate For Pride

Upper management has told us we are NO LONGER ALLOWED to put up Pride decorations. The company needs to reverse its decision to disallow Pride and holiday decorations inside stores.

Why is this important?

Being allowed to decorate our stores for Pride, and other holidays, is important to partners, many of whom are themselves part of the LGBT+ community. In a time where LGBT+ rights, transgender rights especially, are under attack, it's important that both customers and partners feel supported and welcomed. Partners and customers alike LOVE to come in and see a fun and positive environment with fun decorations. We receive lots of positive feedback from customers that they love seeing the creativity partners bring to the table, and likewise positive responses from partners who feel more involved with the store and free to express themselves. Why is the company backing away from supporting its LGBT partners? What is there to gain from making every store depressingly identical, with no personality? While Starbucks insists that Corporate policy has not changed, and that this is 'false information' the rule is still being enforced at a regional level in many stores.


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