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To: Starbucks

Let us dye our hair

We won! Thanks to all the baristas who spoke out, Starbucks is now allowing employees to have pink, purple, and green hair. We did it!

Let us dye our hair

Allow color dyed hair in the workplace.

Why is this important?

As a young child I wanted to have pink hair and was never able to due to my parents disapproval of an unnatural hair color. Once I was on my own I thought I would finally be able to go through with it. I soon found out that finding a job in which I could actually have pink hair was almost impossible. I now have my pink hair and I love it. However I have to wear an itchy wig to cover it up. I love my job and I love my regulars. I come by on my days off and people always compliment my "cotton candy" hair; it's something that makes me who I am and think I should be allowed to be that person always.


Reasons for signing

  • I expect my baristas to have an "alternative" look and dyed hair goes along with that.
  • Individuality and expression is important to me AND since we live in such a progressive society, I don't feel like "unnatural" hair colours would have a negative effect upon revenue.
  • I would love to have my old, pink hair back!


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