To: Publix Super Markets

Let us have beards!

Let us have beards!

I want Publix Super Markets to review its dress code on its facial hair policy, which will also allow them to look at the other dress code policies in affect that may need modernizing (hair length, earrings policy, etc.). I believe that the majority of the people I work with at Publix also believe that we should be allowed to have some facial hair besides only a mustache. We should be allowed to have a beard, with limitations on how long it can be and a beard net for the employees who work with food.

Why is this important?

Publix already allows beards at its new GreenWise markets and it has been successful, so why not implement this new dress code policy in the overwhelming majority of its business?


Reasons for signing

  • Publix deli clerk going on four years now. The no beard policy has forced me to spend lots of money on razors that I could have used for more important expenses. The daily shaving is not kind to my sensitive skin either. Here is to hoping this has an impact as I for one felt more confident and masculine when I was able to grow a beard at my other job.
  • Been with Publix for about 2 1/2 years already and kind of find it ridiculous that we “have” to shave to look professional or whatever when pretty much anyone you come by wouldn’t give if you even had one honestly, it’s an outdated dress code policy that is in need of an update, plus having to shave very frequently gets a bit annoying especially if your facial hair grows quickly. Please change this sh*t already..
  • Publix needs to review a lot of their policies to retain qualified employees.


2018-04-02 13:06:13 -0400

Check out new coverage of the campaign in the Lakeland Ledger:

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Here's a new and easy way that you can spread the message of the campaign and show your support:

Update your Facebook profile photo with this custom frame calling on Publix to #FreeTheBeard! It just takes a minute and it's a great way to grow support for the campaign. Click here to get started:

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Check out new press coverage of the campaign in the Sun Sentinel (, Tampa Bay Times ( and Winsight Grocery Business (

2018-02-01 15:08:43 -0500

Publix stated on Twitter on January 20, 2018: "we are currently piloting guidelines that include allowing our male associates to wear neat, clean, and professional beards and goatees in a few Publix locations."

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Check out Brandon's video message to the company's new CEO, Todd Jones:

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Florida media outlets are reporting on all the Publix employees joining this effort:

2015-11-20 13:15:05 -0500

Just hit 13,000 backers! The campaign is still moving strong and growing. We have a few ways for you to get involved if you would like.
1. Join:
Movember is a foundation that supports men's health. To participate, all you have to do it grow out your mustache for November. If you would like, you can also donate to support men's health and participate in the challenge of exercising everyday (Move).
2. I just created an Instagram account: @Publix4Beards.
You can participate by following the page, and sending in pictures of yourself. These pictures can be with you wearing your Publix uniform with your mustache, holding up the #freethebeard hashtag, or any other great idea's you may have. Make sure that you tag @Publix4beards and #freethebeard hashtag so I can upload them to the Instagram account.
Thank you all for your support,
Brandon Wesley

2015-06-25 18:46:00 -0400

Check out new press coverage of the campaign from The Tallahassee Democrat!

2015-06-11 19:11:56 -0400

Wow! We just hit 10,000 signatures in under three weeks! We are getting a lot of media attention and Publix definitely knows about this petition. Now, I'm asking you to take a picture supporting the petition and to post it on social media using the #MyPublixStory and #FreeTheBeard hashtags.
Here's what you do:

1) Take a photo supporting the campaign: Ideas include a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with the hashtags on it; grow out a mustache and take a photo of your 'stache'; or simply attach the petiton link to a tweet or Facebook post with the #MyPublixStory and #FreeTheBeard hashtags.

2) Post your photo in support of the campaign on Twitter or Facebook: using the #MyPublixStory and #FreeTheBeard hashtags in your post. If you are posting to Twitter, include the Publix handle: @Publix. If you are posting on Facebook, you can post your message/photo directly to Publix page. Since Publix is not too active on Instagram, let's focus on Twitter and Facebook.

2015-06-11 18:19:57 -0400

10,000 signatures reached

2015-06-01 23:09:05 -0400

Were doing great everyone! Already at 6,500 signatures and counting in a little more than a week. Here is another few media articles about this petition, it is gaining attention, and just a matter of time before they say something! I want you to continue to post comments about your reasoning after you have signed the petition because in these articles, they are using some of the comments in them as well. This isn't about me, or anyone one person, it's about making Publix a better place to work. So thank you guys for everything and keep it up!

2015-05-31 12:48:43 -0400

Keep it up everyone! We are getting more and more attention. Another news website, the Examiner, has also made an article about this petition.

2015-05-29 14:21:30 -0400

Great job everyone, we hit 5,000 signatures! Keep spreading the word around. Attached is an article from an Orlando newspaper about this petition. Thanks!

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5,000 signatures reached

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