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To: Starbucks coffee

Let us have our holidays

Let us have our holidays

I would greatly appreciate being able to spend time with my family on holidays. I want Starbucks Coffee to shut down the stores on holidays. Its not fair and business is slow enough.

Why is this important?

We deserve to have holiday time with our families. It is very important to allow us to have Christmas and Thanksgiving off.


Reasons for signing

  • Because we baristas at least deserve holidays off, since we can't get secure scheduling, a living wage, etc. We need a union. These petitions prove it.
  • This should be a day off and spent with family for quality family time. If your at a store that is opened some partners have no choice but to work. Yes some are volunteer but not at all stores. I also believe that Easter is the other day that needs to be closed. We should be observing the reason for these two days and not worried about "oh my name is on the list to have off I pray I get it".
  • As a shift it's hard to get holidays off


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