To: Lift CEO

Lift should disclose the fares!!!

I have been driving for the LIFT for more than 2 months. I have been having conversations with my customers and I found out that lift only gives driver less than 50 percent of the fares which is not fare. We, drivers, demand from the lift Ceo that lift should disclose what each customers pay for each rides and what percentage goes to the driver!!!
It not fair that drivers received less than 50 percent of the ride fares. We demand transparency from Lift!!!!

Why is this important?

We want a transparency from lift to see how much they take from each rides?
We are the ones give customers ride and we are the ones are on the roads!!! If they are taking only 20- 25% which they claim why lift doesn’t disclose how much charge for each customers. Why we only see our earning not full price of what customers pay for each ride!!!!
Full transparency!!!!