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To: Lowe's Home Improvement

Lowe's employees - #STAYHOME

Protect your employees and support social distancing!

Why is this important?

We are obligated to work, unless we have Covid-19, however, we are being exposed daily by thousands customers visiting our store for non-essential items. Social distancing is a joke, we don't even have anything to disinfect with. Why should we get exposed for inconsiderated people who find themselves bored at home and want to finish there home projects and buy non-essential things like fencing, flooring, lighting fixtures, etc. We have been out of stock on most essential items for a while now, or get small amounts here and there. Lowe's only sees the profits $$$ in this pandemic & not the danger we walk into every day. We have children and families too and trust me, there's nothing essential about Lowe's that is worth risking our lifes and our families for. Lowe's a multi-million dollar company and will be fine with all the money coming from the government in this crisis.


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