To: The president

Make "tip pay" illegal

Alright, so I work for Domino's. I make minimum wage... but only when I'm in the store. When I go out on a delivery (70% of the time that I'm at work), I get paid $2.00 an hour. The idea is that if I provide good customer service, I will receive enough tips to compensate for the lack of income from my employer. I interact with the customer for 10 seconds to at most a minute and a half. How is that even enough time to give good customer service? I have enough time to tell them their total, give them their food, and exchange money. And we all know that tips are not based on customer service, it is based on random chance.

Why is this important?

This is important because I cannot afford to buy food, have a cellphone, have electricity, or have running water. I don't have cable or internet, I literally have the bare necessities and I still cannot afford to be alive if it wasn't for the stipend I get from my university.