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To: McDonald's Corporation

McDonald's: Stop Theft of Worker Pay in the East Bay

McDonald's: Stop Theft of Worker Pay in the East Bay

The McDonald's corporation must take immediate steps to stop illegal wage theft from its restaurant workers in the East Bay, California and across the country.

Why is this important?

“Wage theft has been going on at fast-food restaurants for years but no one has had the courage to speak up about it because they’re afraid they will be let go.”
Rhonesha Victor, Oakland resident, East Bay Fast Food Worker

On top of paying thousands of workers an hourly wage of just $8 -- McDonald's appears to have routinely stolen their employees' pay. A class action lawsuit filed by employees in the state of California alleges that McDonald's engaged in "altering or condoning the alteration of time records to avoid paying [employees] for time they work and for overtime premiums they earn." The lawsuit also alleges McDonald's failed to pay workers wages for missed meal breaks and rest periods as required by California law.

We already know that fast-food workers can barely get by on the low wages they are paid -- with over half needing some kind of public assistance to make ends meet. We will not tolerate corporations like McDonald's -- with 5.5 billion in profits last year -- adding to these workers' struggles by stealing their pay. We're calling on community members, elected leaders, and crew members from McDonald's locations across the state to come together in opposing wage theft from California food service workers.

Reasons for signing

  • Solidarity is the key to victory.
  • I believe in worker's rights!


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