To: Publix

More Lenient Publix Personal Appearance Policy

Allow employees to wear facial jewelry/gauges without being skin tone or clear, let men wear earrings and have longer hair, let employees dye their hair, etc.

Why is this important?

This is important because allowing employees to express themselves more freely and have more lenient personal appearance policies will make employees much more happy to work at Publix overall and won't feel so controlled over every aspect of their appearance.

Not only is it sexist for men being unable to wear earrings, it is unfair for employees to have tattoos but if you have gauges you need to put in flesh/skin tone.

Also, why does it matter so much for employees to not have facial/a lot of jewelry/dyed hair anyhow? If the excuse is that "If you do that to yourself, you're not professional", this company is mistaken.
Appearance has nothing to do with being professional, unless we are talking on terms on cleanliness and things of that nature.

Personally, it is difficult to remember to change my gauges for work because it's such a small portion of my appearance it is easy to look over. But that's not exactly what all this is about.

In conclusion, there are many aspects of appearance that this company focuses on, when that focus should be applied elsewhere, because as employees we already feel controlled enough as it is.