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To: Jose Munoz - Chairman, Nissan North America

Nissan: Make Temps Direct Hires After 180 Days!

Nissan: Make Temps Direct Hires After 180 Days!

Dear Mr. Munoz,

From 1983 until 2005, most workers at the Smyrna and Decherd Tennessee Nissan plants were directly hired by Nissan and all reached the top pay in their classification after a reasonable amount of time. Since 2005, many workers have had to spend months or even years working for Yates, Onin or other temporary agencies or in-house suppliers before being offered a chance at direct Nissan employment. Even after years on the job, some workers are never hired directly by Nissan.

This must end. We the undersigned respectfully request that all agency, temp and in-house supplier employees be directly hired by Nissan after 180 days on the job, and that once directly hired, all employees be paid the top pay in their classification after two years. No more two tiers! We make high quality automobiles for the most productive car company in North America. We deserve to be treated with respect.

Why is this important?

Nissan is the most productive automaker in North America. However, that productivity comes at a price. Only a fraction of Nissan's employees are directly hired and few earn the top pay rate. Most work for agencies like Yates, Onin or Calsonic - have few paid days off, and must deal with ever increasing line speeds. Nissan workers want to be directly hired, earn the top pay rate after a reasonable amount of time, and work at reasonable line speeds.

Reasons for signing

  • I want to work for Nissan but I dont see the reason at all to go through a temp agency.
  • I own a Nissan and want the workers who built it to be treated well. Their work conditions will directly impact on the quality of the vehicles produced.
  • This is why the workers at Nissan or the temp service companies need to organize and join the U.A.W. so this won't happen. They need to be hired when on the job 90 days or laid off like the U.A.W. contract with G.M. states. If they're good enough to be kept to do the jobs, then they're good enough to receive fair wages and benefits like everyone else. This only one reason of many why Nissan needs to organize and all workers there join the U.A.W. And I approved this message!


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