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To: Carvana

No Holiday Work at Carvana!

No Holiday Work at Carvana!

Stop forcing loyal employees to work into holidays, night shift in particular.

Why is this important?

The last few years Carvana has shown us that we are not important or of concern to them...numbers are. We have seen this through their point system where you get pointed if you get in an accident before work or if you’re terribly sick at work and management sends us home.

Recently, they have forced the night shift to work into major holidays: Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas. This stops us from being able to spend time with our families which should be number one with any company. Since headquarters refuses to care and make us wait until a week before the holiday to make a schedule, we need to let them know that enough is enough. Night shift should have their own schedule and it should be delivered to us at the beginning of the year.



2021-12-15 00:15:27 -0500

100 signatures reached

2020-12-08 14:05:05 -0500

Thanks to everyone who has signed thus far. We were told yesterday that they are going to give us Christmas and New Year off so these signatures are not done in vain. I would still like to get more signatures so that we can ask for a night shift holiday schedule that is given to us at the beginning of the year. Let’s keep the positive energy up and keep this going. Thanks again!!

2020-12-07 13:33:59 -0500

50 signatures reached

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