To: NCAE Executive Director

North Carolina Staff Organization PETITION OF SUPPORT

We, the members of the North Carolina Staff Organization the unionized workers at NCAE (UniServ Directors, Program Staff, and Headquarters Union Staff), urge NCAE to provide a reasonable salary and benefits package. Bargaining fairly is a critical way to demonstrate your respect for us as colleagues and professionals

Why is this important?

Our staff is under constant pressure to do more with less since we have not received a salary increase in eight (8) years. It is vital that we collaborate to address how we will continue to provide quality services, despite management’s refusal to fill vacant UniServ positions while filling management positions. When it comes to finding creative solutions in a budget crisis we are, in fact, strong together. But the budget should not be balanced on the backs of the staff that provide quality services to our members.
Thus far we have been flexible, collaborative, worked overtime, lost sleep, picked up second jobs, lost time w/family, watched friends/colleagues retire, and changed our personal schedules in an attempt to stop/slow the bleeding of the association.

We, the undersigned, support our staff in their efforts to gain a reasonable salary and benefits package as they work to rebuild NCAE.


Reasons for signing

  • The union's purpose is to fight against injustice but management here is willing to treat their staff unfair.
  • Solidarity.
  • hard times make for hard choices, but cost of living keeps going up and employees - ALL employees - need to be fairly compensated for their labor. If NDAE won't respect those rights with regards their own employees, how can they convince anyone they will - and CAN - protect those rights when it comes to NCAE members?


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