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To: Bright Horizons

NYC Early Childhood Educators Deserve Fair Compensation and Severance

We are asking Bright Horizons to:

1. Pay out our accrued vacation and sick time
2. Pay us severance for the 1-2 month employment until we are able to start at a new center
3. Guarantee jobs for people who wish to remain with the company

Why is this important?

Bright Horizons promised to respond to worker demands by September 30th but they have not done so. We must hold them accountable.

We were recently informed that the Fedkids center at 26 Federal Plaza in Lower Manhattan will no longer be operated by Bright Horizons. On the company call that was held two weeks ago, Bright Horizons representatives did not let us ask questions or even speak in the meeting. It was brief and insulting to the many teachers who dedicated years to the company and left us with more questions than ever before.

Many of us have been employees of Bright Horizons for years, some upwards of a decade. We have spent the past several months furloughed and awaiting communication but continuing to stay in touch with children and their families via Zoom, only to discover that in a matter of a couple of weeks we need to decide whether we are continuing with Bright Horizons or seeking employment at our own center. We are expected to make this decision with very little information and no guarantee of employment if we choose to stay with Bright Horizons or join with the new company at Federal Plaza.




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