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To: New York City Housing Authority Management and City Council

PETITION for NYCHA Covid-19 Workplace Safety

New York City Housing Authority staff have been working to provide services since the outbreak of the pandemic. As plans are being made to send employees back to work sites, the NYC Housing Authority needs to implement all necessary modifications and policies to NYCHA workplaces before staff reoccupy offices, field work locations and construction sites to ensure the safety of public housing workers and residents. Everyone’s health and lives are on the line.

PUBLIC HOUSING IS ESSENTIAL. NYCHA represents the last stock of truly affordable housing in a gentrified city. The staff keep it going in the face of underfunding, short staffing, and privatization. We need to know that all applicable safety standards are being met so public housing is maintained safely and NYCHA workers, residents and the people of the city are protected. AT A MINIMUM, WE DEMAND:

1. No re-occupancy implemented until public health officials have mandated it safe to do so.
2. NYCHA must abide by the city-wide oversight implemented by the City Council and Department of Citywide Administrative Services Re-Occupancy Guidelines.
3. Standardized PPE, masks, gloves and sanitizers, must be provided to all office and field workers each day.
4. The option for continuing to work remotely should be provided. Alternate work schedules, staggered shifts and flex time should be available for all staff. Anyone in a high risk group, or who has children at home, must be allowed to work remotely.
5. People must be able to commute safely. Additional space for parking private vehicles and bikes should be provided.
6. Ensure social distancing at all elevators, office, and maintenance areas for workers and residents.
7. Construction site COVID safety protocols must be in place and enforced.
8. For offices, stairwells must be opened for use. Industrial cleaning of all offices before re-occupancy, including individual work spaces. Restrooms must have regular enhanced cleaning, proper ventilation, paper towels, hot water, soap and hand sanitizer. Verify HVAC systems are sufficient to exchange clean air rapidly in all occupied areas; provide regular air monitoring. Provide vertical partition extensions at all cubicles prior to re-occupancy.
9. Hire staff and residents as necessary to provide Covid-19 maintenance and cleaning.
10. Re-occupancy plans must be presented to unions with adequate time for review and all spaces must be open to inspection by union health and safety representatives prior to occupancy.

Why is this important?

NYCHA staff have worked diligently in the field and remotely since the outbreak of the pandemic to maintain NYCHA housing, and will continue to do so. Safety, however, is paramount for the sake of the workers, the residents, and the people of city. NYCHA developments have been hit hard by the coronavirus, which has had a disproportionate effect on working people and communities of color. The age and condition of residential buildings and offices have made social distancing difficult. Many staff and residents had health and safety issue with NYCHA even before the outbreak.  We need to know that NYCHA is following city-wide guidelines and all applicable safety standards are being met so staff can safely provide services and the employees, residents and neighborhoods are protected.

How it will be delivered

The NYCHA Union Coalition will email the signatures to housing authority management and elected officials at a virtual event with all supporters.


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