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To: Smiths Chips Queensland (a subsidiary of PepsiCo)

Occupy Tingalpa

Our #OccupyTingalpa workers showed amazing strength during their 3 day lunchroom sit in.

We can now report that these phenomenal workers have voted up a deal that will see job security and conversion for casuals to permanent workers after 12 months. Permanent workers are to perform at least 80% of all hours on site, and all duties higher than base level duties.

Workers have also won back pay from 24 September 2014.

This is a great achievement and members should be congratulated.

Thanks too, to all who supported #OccupyTingalpa workers!

Occupy Tingalpa

Pay casual and permanent workers equally!

Why is this important?

We’re fighting for a fair deal for all Smiths Chips workers in Tingalpa, Queensland, especially the casual workers who get paid less than me and other permanent workers.

We think all workers should be treated equally and paid equally for the work that they do.

That's why we are all sitting-in the lunchroom until we get equality and respect. #OccupyTingalpa

Brett Thomas, Smiths worker and union delegate.

How it will be delivered

Petitions will be delivered to Smiths in Tingalpa and PepsiCo in the US

Reasons for signing

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  • yeah, this crap goes on in NZ too - eg Ezibuy, a good employer for their directly employed daytime staff but the pm shift is casual, via an agency, much lower pay and hours at the discretion of supervisors, ie don't rock the boat or you won't get any. Companies (and govt depts) sh take responsibility for fair treatment of everyone who does work for them.
  • Differentiated wages between casuals and permanent workers are synonym of discrimination like differentiated wages betwwen men and women.


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Thanks for signing the petition to support equality for workers at #OccupyTingalpa, please remember to share with your friends and family!

Here is the day shift celebrating after an 8 hour sit-in whilst arvo shift take over the peaceful occupation

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