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To: Starbucks Coffee

Over worked and under paid supervisors

Over worked and under paid supervisors

Give their Supervisors a living pay. Supervisors are over worked and underpayed. They are a barista/supervisor which means they do everything baristas do plus supervisor duties. Supervisors are given Assistant managers work and expect to give it our all.

Why is this important?

We need an income to support our family. Living off of what they pay isn't enough to pay all the bills, buy food and buy our kids their necessitys. I am the soul provider for a family of 5 and its very hard to have a decent living with what I get paid. I know many supervisors who feel the same way. We need to be valued and be showed appreciation for everything we do. Getting change as a raise is ridiculous when Starbucks is a multi million dollar company.


2016-04-02 18:40:52 -0400

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