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To: Jason's Deli

Pay front-of-house employees the credit card tips they earn!

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Tom Johnson

At many Jason's Deli locations, tip handling is left to franchise operators' discretion. Some of these operators (e.g., JenTex) make a practice of keeping all credit card tips paid by dine-in and carryout customers. I call on those operators to instead let the front-of-house staff have those tips as supplemental income. Furthermore, to the extent it is contractually possible, I call upon Jason's Deli corporation to mandate the payment of customers' tips to employees for all Jason's Deli locations--whether corporate or franchise.

Why is this important?

Jason's Deli is a fast-casual chain with hundreds of locations in 29 states. While the degree to which dine-in credit card slips present customers with a tip line varies from store to store, the option is universally presented to those who place carryout orders online. Many customers do in fact opt to add a tip when prompted, creating a significant source of revenue.

The front-of-house employees at Jason's Deli work hard for a modest wage and could no doubt really use the extra income that comes from being allowed to keep the tips that one earns.

At the same time, the current practice of gratuity retention is deceptive to customers, who reasonably assume when they include a tip in their credit card payment that they are helping out the staff--not just giving more money to the company.


Reasons for signing

  • I work at Jason's Deli and often receive tips on credit card charges. I haven't seen a single cent of these earnings, however, as the money goes to the company.
  • My sister is front-of-house and is upset that she can't receive her tips that she earned. Busters earn the same amount of money and tips.
  • They earned those tips and are entitled to them! This is THEFT!!!!!!


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