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To: C2 logistics solutions president Jim Clark and all involved upper management

Pay Us What You Owe Us, C2 Logistics!

Pay Us What You Owe Us, C2 Logistics!

C2 logistics solutions must be held accountable for paying on what they promised their workers! Jim Clark and upper management are making a fortune by ripping off every day people! We are not asking for anything more than the company promised when we came to work!
Our Demands are simple:

-Pay all back wages, per diem and bonuses as promised and agreed on!

-Address safety issues on the job instead of punishing workers for bringing them to light!

-Implement a transparent and accurate budget including pay, bonuses and per diem that is followed thru on, pay people full amount on time!

Why is this important?

*11/10 IMPORTANT UPDATE* there has been another wave of workers that have not been paid on a site in Kansas. C2 has backed out of the contract and left workers in a bind where they either had to go home or transfer to woods construction, who C2 made a deal with. going on 30 days and over 150 people have not been paid. some workers are even sleeping in their cars trying to hold out on the job while waiting for a check.

C2 Logistics solutions has gotten away with wage theft and unjust firings for too long now! They have lied to and ripped off working families across the country!
Most recently they withheld tens of thousands of dollars from over 75 families by not paying workers on time or only paying part of what was owed.

Some workers were not paid for 4 weeks and are still waiting on money owed. All while working in often unsafe conditions without proper permits and inspections!


Reasons for signing

  • I got let go in October With no explanation at all. I had no right ups or anything like that. And I’m still owed money for The work I did on 10/05 to 10/18. They have screwed a lot of people over and they need to pay what they owe!
  • People don’t work for free, it’s bad enough we were being lead by people who didn’t know what they were doing. But to not pay us for staying 14 plus hours a day to build a wind farm. Promise funds week after week. Checks not coming out correct. And then you just flee the seen without pay. Truly I unacceptable. Never dealt with this in my 6 years of wind. A true shame. Pay what you owe C2!
  • It’s time that the people send a message to corporations! We will not be silent and we will not be pushed around. Stop corporate greed. We demand to be compensated fairly! It’s 2020 we’re long overdue for this!


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