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To: Starbucks

Petition to Re-establish Hazard Pay

Petition to Re-establish Hazard Pay

Starbucks partners were recently granted a temporary “service pay,” which added an additional $3 per hour worked from March 21 to May 31. This pay increase was beneficial and rewarding to the partners who continued to work during the pandemic. However, while the period of temporarily increased pay has come to an end, the pandemic has not. My fellow coworkers and I believe that the pay increase should be re-established to provide adequate financial support during this time of crisis.

Why is this important?

In addition to the pay increase period coming to an end, partner hours have recently been reduced. Many employees have had to resort to filing for partial unemployment to meet financial needs. Until conditions have returned to the pre-pandemic status that we were accustomed to, employees should be granted an hourly pay increase that would effectively provide financial stability.

Reasons for signing

  • We are trying to reinstate our hazard as well local 2002. We deserve this.


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