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To: Joan L. Gulley, Chief Human Resources Officer, PNC Bank

PNC: Don't Force Employees onto High Deductible Health Plans

PNC: Don't Force Employees onto High Deductible Health Plans

We're calling on you to reverse the decision to force all PNC Bank employees onto high-deductible health insurance plans.

Why is this important?

PNC Bank plans to force its 56,000 employees onto high-deductible health insurance plans starting on January 1, 2014. (Source:

The average high-deductible plan requires you to pay up to $2,000 out-of-pocket before insurance coverage kicks in. For a PNC bank teller earning $9-11 an hour, those costs make medical care entirely unaffordable. How many PNC employees will forgo medical care because they can't afford it? These changes to employee health coverage will have a real impact on your employees' lives. It's for that reason we're calling on you to reconsider.

It’s no secret that banks made record profits in 2012. The banking industry raked in $40 billion in the first few months of 2012 alone. PNC Bank is strong and its balance sheets proves it. PNC employees have helped the bank increase the number of customers, expand commercial and consumer lending, and grow deposits to $212 billion. Last year, PNC profits were 47% higher than that same period in 2011. Why, then, is the bank punishing employees by slashing health coverage?

Employees have helped PNC Bank grow to be the 7th largest bank in America. They deserve health insurance they can depend on. These changes could make health insurance for some of your employees largely unaffordable. As employees, customers, and concerned citizens, we're calling on PNC Bank to treat its employees better. Give your tellers, sales associates, supervisors and other staff health care coverage options they can count on.

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Reasons for signing

  • My husband just started working here...we have 5 children, I can't afford to pay this much money out of pocket before insurance benefits kick in!
  • Its simply outrageous to expect someone to pay that high of a deductible prior to them even covering medications.
  • This is a company that had a 47% profit increase and gave out 1% raises as if they were good. It's not just the hourly mid level non management have gone without even a cost of living increase in over 5 years. I am currently on the PPO a much better plan than the "you pay 2000 dollars first" plan and it is 10 dollars a month less than the new option. We have no bargaining power all of our benefits are being eating away and we are expected to perform at 110% for little to no recognition.


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