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To: Point Park University Administration

Point Park University Students Support the Adjuncts Right to Unionize!

In June 2014, Park Point University adjuncts voted in favor of joining the Adjunct Faculty Association of the United Steelworkers. University administrators said they would respect the adjunct faculty's decision and they are currently in the process of bargaining a contract. Thank you to everyone who showed your support for our faculty throughout this process!

This is clearly an example of when we fight we win, but there is still much work to be done in ensuring our adjunct faculty receive a fair contract and that student needs are met on campus. Please sign this semester's petition to not only support our adjunct faculty, but to support us as we fight against the recently announced tuition increases and for a voice on campus:

We are calling on all students to stand with us in our fight to better our university experience and education through bettering the conditions of our adjunct professors.

We are calling on the Point Park Administration to allow the unionization of our adjuncts in order to fulfill the goals listed above.

We stand with our adjuncts in their struggle to better their working conditions and to improve the general quality of our education to fulfill the goals of the Point Park University mission and values including: academic excellence, student needs, fostering a community of mutual respect and diversity, and ensuring the integrity of their actions.

We demand card check neutrality and for the administration to recognize the adjuncts legal right to unionize.

Why is this important?

Despite rising tuition costs, the majority of faculty continue to be underpaid, underrepresented, and lack any type of job security. At Point Park, we pay between $24,000 and $30,000 a year in tuition. Our adjunct professors on the other hand, receive $2,100 to $2,200 per course with NO benefits and no guarantee of future employment.

As students we must ask ourselves where does the money go? If not to those working day-in and day-out to impart us with the necessary skills for our futures then where? 78% of our professors are adjuncts. An increased use of adjuncts lowers graduation rates. This is only because they are not receiving the benefits and compensation they deserve. By giving our adjuncts space on campus, bettering adjunct working conditions, increasing adjunct pay this can be remedied. This would free up adjunct schedules allowing more time for them to focus on a reasonable number of students, and provide the quality education they strive to give. Graduation rates would rise as students would be granted much needed one on one time to work with their professors.

In respect to the treatment of our professors the University is not looking out for the students. By withholding from our professors the fair treatment, job security, proper benefits, and proper pay that they deserve not only are our chances of success during college hampered, but our futures as well. They are ignoring student needs and completely disregarding the values in which they espouse.

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How it will be delivered

We will be sending this out over social media and doing on campus canvassing. Please do not sign unless you are a Point Park Student and please give us a private email, not a Point Park University email.



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