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To: Popeyes

Popeyes: Obey Child Labor Laws

A crowd of people outside a Popeyes location holds a banner that reads: "Popeyes: Stop exploiting child labor".

I need my job at Popeyes because I can't be broke, but I shouldn't have to sacrifice my sleep or studying time so that I don't risk my income.

I have been working 5-hour shifts after school... I have no time for homework when I am working. This breaks child labor laws. Popeyes needs to provide a safe and fair workplace, starting with obeying child labor laws. I shouldn’t be stressing about making ends meet at such a young age.

Why is this important?

Child labor is a pervasive problem, especially in the service industry, and there’s no one holding these greedy corporations accountable. That is why we are bringing light to this issue and speaking up. Popeyes has the power and the money to improve working conditions and ensure that we can all make our ends meet without making any sacrifices.

That is why my coworkers and I are organizing, fighting for, and won in 2022 AB 257, The Fast Recovery Act, to protect our health and safety, bring ourselves out of poverty, and improve the lives of ourselves and our families. Now the industry is pouring millions of dollars into a deceitful referendum campaign to kill the law.

These are the following demands we’ve petitioned at our store:
1) Allow us to take legally required rest breaks, including our second 10-minute rest break.
2) Provide a healthy and safe work environment, including training workers and managers on preventing burn injuries and responding quickly when injuries occur, including calling 911 when appropriate.
3) Provide an adequate first aid kit on-site.




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