To: Peter Rosario & La Casa De Don Pedro Management

Protect La Casa De Don Pedro Workers. Implement A Telework Option!

This campaign has ended.

As of December 30th, 2021, COVID-19 rates in the United States have broken records with a confirmed 490,000 positive cases. New Jersey has also reached a grim milestone of 28,000 new cases. This does not include the population of sick who are unable to get properly tested due to a shortage of take home tests and the overwhelming of laboratories and testing centers.

We workers at La Casa De Don Pedro Youth, Family & Health Division desire to continue our work but in as safe a manner as possible. That is why we are demanding that La Casa workers, who can perform their job duties from the safety of their home, be granted the option to do so. We would also request a guarantee from La casa management that any worker who needs to be placed on unemployment due to COVID-19 will be assured their job back once this Omicron wave subsides.

The Omicron variant has been found to be more contagious than prior variants. Therefore, by limiting the number of workers in a physical location we can together reduce the risk of exposure. The health & safety of our fellow workers, the community, and management is paramount. We the undersigned workers support these much-needed measures.

Thank you and stay safe,

Why is this important?

We must all support this as our lives, the lives of our family members, and the lives of the greater community are at risk. Our health and the health of our loved ones is of the utmost importance.