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To: Publix

Publix, let stockers wear uniform black khakis

I want for Publix to allow their stockers to wear black khakis.

Why is this important?

Publix expects their lower paid and even underworked stock clerks to wear their Sunday best to work. Their jobs are dirty. Their jobs are hard work. They're not bagging groceries. They're not standing around. They're unloading and reloading trucks in the elements. They're crawling on the floor and cleaning shelves. They're handling dirty boxes. Their clothes already take a beating and Publix wants them to spend a fortune replacing their Sunday best pants every few weeks rather than allowing them to wear black khakis such as Dickies style pants that will take more of a beating than slacks will.


Reasons for signing

  • I have had the crotch in 4 of my dress pants rip right open since I started with Publix for a year and a half now. I need to be able to wear pants that can stand up to how hard I work as a stocker
  • It's a good and agreeable point!
  • What state is this in? I worked at a store in GA for a little over 2 years, but they've always preferred the stock crew to wear Dickies or something like that


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