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To: Publix supermarkets

Publix supermarkets stop forcing employees to hustle for charities at the register

Signs and an option on the card scanner are adequate. Cashiers are required to verbally ask customers to donate to charities such as Feeding America, most customers visit the stores weekly or more often. It is harassing the customers to push for donations on EVERY SINGLE transaction. The customers don't like it and the grocery already donates all discontinued, crushed, dinged, damaged, close to expire date foods, hot, cold, deli, and writes it off their taxes. They give enough. Most customers give at church, school, work, etc.

Why is this important?

Publix gives already huge quantities of food.

The customers feel harassed.

This is stressful to cashiers who are living paycheck to paycheck and can't even have a bruised apple, Publix would rather dump in in a locked garbage bin.

These are your customers and employees.

If people want to give, they have that opportunity but less pressure PLEASE.


Reasons for signing

  • you cant force charity.
  • Agree with what others have said. There are 2 large soda bottles at every register. If you don't ask, your suppose to give the customer one. If you go through both, you'll be bagging the rest of your shift. Have not heard of this actually happen, but that's not the point.
  • Its a competition between stores , we work hard for our money and it’s not fair to be donating everyday to be raising more than others


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