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To: Todd Jones, CEO Publix Supermarkets

Publix Workers Deserve Raises

Many of us as full time/part time associates show up for work every day, many never missing a day throughout the pandemic. We are (for the most part) expected not to get sick because we can be written up or suspended for missing too many days, we have to be on time every day because that will also count against us. After doing all of this we still get no bonuses (other than Christmas), and if we're lucky maybe a .15 cent or .25 cent raise per year. If we're considered 'topped out', we get nothing, thus there is absolutely no incentive to keep going. This needs to change. Because we no longer receive inventory bonuses and the raises we get are once a year and are not nearly enough to compete with inflation, we are asking for a 10% annual raise WITHOUT the loss or decrease of any of our existing benefits.

Why is this important?

We show up every day, work so hard to keep our company going and to do everything we can to serve our public. Corporate and managers benefit from huge incentives, bonuses and raises, while we (the associates, i.e., the wheels on the bus), are only given the occasional Publix gift card, no bonuses and no raises...other than the possibility of a dime or quarter per year. With the cost of living and inflation being what it is, a 25 cent raise per year is nothing. Corporate would never dream of rewarding themselves with something like this. It's time the every day people, the ones who make it happen get our fair share. We deserve better.




2022-07-25 10:23:40 -0400

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