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To: Uber CEO

Raise fares back to early-January 2015 levels

I would like to see fares raised back to the levels they were at back in early January of this year before they were reduced.

Why is this important?

Aside from the obvious impact to what we make as drivers, it seems to me that less drivers are on the road now due to the lower fares. This causes higher drive times to initial pick ups as well as in increase in surge rates. While the surge rates would seem to benefit us, the fact that we are travelling longer distances offsets that and more surges is not good for the consumer. Also, while not explicitly stated, it was implied when fares were cut that this was to combat the winter drop in usage.


Reasons for signing

  • When you put in your time waiting and time on the road, wear and tear on vehicle and gas, we are not making any money off this deal.
  • Rides are too cheap
  • We deserve better pay especially seeing the guarantee periods significantly dropped in Chicago from around 1.6-1.8 down to 1.1-1.3 which is like nothing. They also greatly reduced the area affected by guarentee rate periods. Gas is more expensive right now so our rates should be increased to counteract that higher cost of driving. Plus it's a lot more dangerous in the winter and it would be nice to feel appreciated for our service in harsh weather.


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