To: Starbucks CEO and shareholders

Raise hourly wages and bring back merit increases!

Merit raises were done away with at the end of 2013. Since then, only annual across-the-board cost-of-living increases have been given. This has been a decision with negative impact at the store level, because there is essentially no impetus to do one's best work. It is essentially like company socialism- everyone gets the same raise, so why try harder than anyone else? It has also fostered a sense of resentment by partners who earnestly try to give 110% everyday at work, and continually watch other partners put in the minimum effort required. A ~2-3% annual increase only covers cost of living increases, and therefore negates any actual raise. So, a partner essentially makes the same wage year to year. This is discouraging and disappointing to see from such an admired global company as Starbucks!

Also, when one factors in paycheck deductions such as health insurance (which characteristically increase every year at a greater than 2% rate) and tax changes, we are essentially LOSING wages every year. This is unacceptable!

Additionally, Starbucks has been doing VERY well as a company and could afford to give an across-the-board pay increase to hourly employees. Some areas, such as around Seattle, have implemented a $15/hour minimum, and while that might not be warranted nationwide for the type of work we perform, we are positioned as an elite company in the fast food industry, and that should be reflected in how employees are compensated. Perhaps partners could opt-in, or opt-out on various costly benefits (such as health insurance or tuition reimbursement) to maximize their own pay, and cut down on unnecessary expenses to partners.

We humbly ask for this petition to be deeply considered, as many of us truly love and enjoy our jobs, but it is getting to be too costly to work for Starbucks and try to make a living.

Thank you for your consideration.

Why is this important?

Starbucks is positioned as a leader in the fast food/service industry, and consequently bears a responsibility to make fair decisions regarding compensation and benefits to its employees.