To: Everyone

Suspend home health Physical Therapy

Urge senators, governors, professional organizations, etc to deem outpatient and home health physical therapy non essential at this time.

Why is this important?

We can not practice the 6 foot rule, and do not have proper PPE, and it is putting the lives of our patients (whom we have pledged to protect), our families, and ourselves at risk. For home health, most of the patients have just come from the hospital and are high risk to begin with, many have likely been exposed to COVID19 due to unsafe conditions there. As home health PTs, we are carrying those germs from patient home to patient home, knowingly spreading the virus, but forced to choose between our jobs and our lives. AND we are using valuable PPE (the little we get) that could be going to someone actively saving lives. NO ONE in home health is going to die without Physical Therapy right now.