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To: SkyWest CEO Chip Childs

Rehire Illegally Fired Union Activists

On September 13, 2023, SkyWest Airlines illegally fired Flight Attendant union activists Shane Price and Tresa Grange.

We demand that SkyWest immediately rehire Shane and Tresa and cease efforts to intimidate workers who are legally working to form a union.

Why is this important?

Flight Attendants at SkyWest have been organizing a union in the face of serious interference from management, and Shane and Tresa are leaders on the campaign.

The Railway Labor Act prohibits interference, influence, or coercion by management over the flight attendants’ choice of representative. And it is unlawful for management to retaliate against any worker engaging in concerted activity over issues of mutual concern. But enforcement rests with the federal courts and management may hope it can get away with their illegal actions long enough to stop Flight Attendants from organizing and gaining the right to collectively bargain. All this does is give a bad name to the carriers who contract with SkyWest - Alaska, United, American, and Delta. Even the notorious union busting at Delta has never so blatantly crossed the legal line for firing activists or forming an illegal company union.

And make no mistake, in uncovering a serious security flaw in the company-sponsored voting system used by the company union, Shane and Tresa heroically stood up for what was right to alert their coworkers to the issue while demonstrating how easily votes can be manipulated. SkyWest is using their whistleblowing as pretext to fire these two prominent leaders on the union drive. But the company shouldn’t be involved in “union voting” at all.

Sign our petition to demand that SkyWest immediately rehire Shane and Tresa.

This union busting demonstrates why Flight Attendants at SkyWest are organizing. Stand with Flight Attendants and demand justice for Shane and Tresa.



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