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To: Cristle Collins Judd, Daniel Trujillo, Lynn Arthur, Eric Rivera

Sarah Lawrence College RAs Fight For a New Contract!

Sarah Lawrence College RAs Fight For a New Contract!

The SLC RA Alliance is a group of 29 Residential Advisors (RAs) organizing together to improve their working conditions at Sarah Lawrence College for current and future RAs. We are committed to making the residential life experience better for all residents.

The Alliance created and delivered a petition to the school on February 7th and has since met with the administration to begin working together to make changes. Currently, The Alliance has been engaging in discussions with the administration to revise the 2022-2023 RA Agreement to reflect the needs of student workers on campus.

Unity and support between the Sarah Lawrence community and the larger public are integral to holding the administration accountable to respect student workers' rights and the needs of the entire student body. Student workers are workers! We deserve what we need to do our jobs well and be successful students.

I sign my name in solidarity with the SLC RA Alliance. I support their demands and pursuit of better working conditions, increased pay, and fair treatment for student workers on the Sarah Lawrence campus.

Why is this important?

After delivering their petition, the RAs met with the school’s administration in hopes of amending their RA work agreement. The school repeatedly told the RAs that they were eager to take into account the RAs’ concerns and that changes were always possible. The school asked the RAs to submit a proposal of amendments. The RAs wrote a proposal with the expectation that the school would engage in a back and forth process to finalize a mutual agreement. However, that didn’t happen. The RAs sent their proposal, and at their last meeting, the administration’s previous open attitude towards the students took a swift turn. The administration did not engage with any of the proposed amendments, denied confirming the next meeting, and refused to give future updates regarding the RAs’ proposal.

We need your help holding the school accountable to make the changes we need and deserve!

Please sign our petition and follow our campaign!



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