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To: Sonic drive in

Sonic drive in allow credit/debit tipping

Sonic drive in allow credit/debit tipping

Carhops are only allowed to be tipped through cash/sonic app we should have a way to be tipped with a card through a stall most of every store is understaffed and most stores have a total of less than 5 carhops that are employed there and we are counted as servers and we are over worked and we should have all the resources That a normal sever should.

Why is this important?

We have waited long enough for this every sonic should have this option because people don’t carry around cash


Reasons for signing

  • I worked at sonic for a year and 3 months and I was always asked by my customers if they could tip with card because a lot of people don’t have cash anymore
  • I get told a lot that they need to add credit card tips
  • I’m a carhop and I’ve had a lot of customers ask me when are they gonna allow tips to go through the stalls when they run their cards.


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