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To: Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers

Stand with the Writers Guild of America

Behind the scenes of your favorite sitcom, tv binge and late night show are hardworking writers who deserve to be paid for their work. That’s why for the first time in 16 years the Writers Guild of America is on strike.

Sign on to show your solidarity with striking writers!

Why is this important?

With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ growing in popularity, the television production industry has seen huge growth over the past decade – but compensation for writers hasn’t kept up. Some writers are saying it’s become difficult to sustain a career as a writer in Hollywood and even harder for junior writers to break into the industry.

But the strike of more than 11,000 WGA members is about more than just fair pay. They’re fighting back against a system full of exploitation and increasingly tough working conditions. Specifically they want better residual pay – or royalties for reruns. Before streaming services existed, writers would be paid a percentage of revenue every time their work was shown on television. Streaming has made it so writers don’t receive this pay since users can watch these platforms whenever they want and don’t need to wait for a rerun.

Writers are also fighting back against a new threat: the use of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT in writers rooms. Union members don’t want studios to dismiss a writer's contributions – and thus their compensation – by only crediting AI as the author of scripts or as source material.

The strike means that all tv production in Hollywood has come to a grinding halt – this has serious implications for the entire industry if the worker’s demands aren’t met. Our favorite shows, including live late night comedy shows, have already stopped production.

As fans of their work, we are a crucial part of this moment – it’s important we support the writer’s who create the content we love to watch. Sign the petition to stand in solidarity with the WGA union members and demand that production companies come to a fair agreement.



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