To: Incoming CEO Kevin Johnson

Starbucks: Extend paid parental leave policy to ALL employees

I’m asking Starbucks to change their new paid parental leave policy (announced in January 2017) to be equal for ALL U.S. employees before it kicks in on Oct 1. The folks who make the coffee should have the same paid parental leave as the executives in the corporate office.

Why is this important?

I was a barista at Starbucks a little over a year ago when my kids were small. Overall it was a great place to work, with nice regulars and a hardworking manager who’s a dad like me. So I was really surprised when I saw Starbucks make an announcement on January 19, 2017 that it would be updating its parental leave policy in the U.S. starting in October 2017.

At first, the new policy sounded great: new parents in their corporate office will be getting some of the most generous paid leave in the industry -- at least 12 weeks of fully paid time off - which is the way it should be. But partners in the stores will be getting much less: barista moms are getting less than half of what corporate HQ moms get (six weeks paid at 100% of their annual pay), and for barista dads like I was or adoptive parents? Nothing. Not a single day of paid parental leave for those hard working, and deserving parents in the U.S. We would only be allowed unpaid leave.

When I worked there, I felt like Starbucks worked hard to take care of their employees and overall, is a progressive company. Giving all new parents the same amount of leave whether they’re in the stores or the corporate office should be a no-brainer. It’s something you’d expect a company like Starbucks to just do automatically. For me, a working dad, it’s an obvious choice.

But sometimes a large corporation needs a little nudge to get their attention. Join me in asking Starbucks to do better for all of their employees - including their baristas!


Reasons for signing

  • Maternity leave should be 100% for both parents for 12 weeks
  • This will be my 2nd child I've had while working the retail side. The little time you get may be the most time you spend with your child thereafter.
  • As a former partner, I received paid maternity leave which was great, but it really wasn't enough time off. It would be wonderful if every parent could receive 12 weeks off with their new child.


2017-07-13 16:47:24 -0400

A few weeks ago Starbucks partners Niko and Ryan flew to Seattle to meet with the Starbucks Vice President of Global Benefits, Ron Crawford, deliver Niko's petition signed by more than 30,000 paid parental leave supporters like you.

After delivering the petition signatures, we asked for Ron Crawford to participate in a national conference call to hear from store employees about how they’re impacted by the company’s discriminatory policy -- and Starbucks agreed to participate.

This is great news! Now we have to get the word out to make sure that all partner voices are heard by Starbucks HQ. We are in touch with Ron Crawford's team to coordinate the details of a listening session/partner forum, but it will most likely take place in September. We will keep you all in the loop as things progress and when we have more details.

Please email if you are a Starbucks partner and interested in participating! We would love to hear from you.

Let's win this!

2017-05-09 17:42:52 -0400

A big reason why I went to work for Starbucks, where I’ve proudly worked for nearly 7 years, was because of their inclusiveness of the LGBTQ community. Will you join me in urging Starbucks to continue to be a strong LGBTQ ally by including ALL families in the paid parental leave policy?

I am a transgender male and Starbucks is a place that I, and my LGBTQ friends who also work for the company, can be authentic. I’m writing today because I was surprised to learn that the paid leave Starbucks offers to store employees does not extend to fathers or adoptive parents -- a policy that hurts LGBTQ parents.

Sign our petition urging Starbucks to continue to be an inclusive leader by providing paid parental leave to ALL employees:

Every family of every kind deserves time with their loved ones.

-- Niko, Starbucks shift lead

2017-01-31 16:46:13 -0500

Find out more about what the updates to the paid parental leave policy announced by Starbucks in January 2017 in this coverage by Fortune:

2017-01-29 14:06:48 -0500

500 signatures reached