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To: Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks: Remove the Espresso Bar Barrier

Starbucks: Remove the Espresso Bar Barrier

Starbucks recently installed new plaxi glass barriers between barista stations as "another layer of protection" for their partners that make drinks.

Our ask: Please remove the new espresso bar Barriers!!!

Why is this important?

These barriers do not restrict contact among baristas at all, and do nothing to "protect" the partners against any form of germs. Baristas store-wide all share the same equipment and supplies. The plexi glass doesn't change that.

The barriers slow down all orders and increase the wait time in drive through significantly.
They increase the chance of injury behind the counter.
They add a lot of stress and anxiety to already stressful situations on shift.
Regularly there isn't enough staff to have a barista on each espresso bar, meaning that a single barista is left to dance around the barrier to try and cover both bars. Which again significantly slows service time, and distracts from the company's standard of excellent customer service and connection.

It must be noted that these barriers have been installed at a time when many states are relaxing their restrictions and mandates as they phase into reopening. Why are these all of a sudden needed, when Starbucks has been without them for the entire 6 months of the pandemic?

Starbucks, we sign this petition and ask that you remove these new physical barriers to the partners being able to provide excellent service and speed in delivering orders. And in removing them, know you are valuing partners mental health and well being by removing the excess stress the barriers cause.


2021-10-07 09:17:16 -0400

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