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To: ABM / Mercury Marine

Stop ABM / Mercury Marine (FDL, WI) From Killing Us!

I want ABM / Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac WI to stop forcing their workers to come in and clean the facilities when they are not professionals COVID-19 cleaners! They won't even give them masks, or face shields! They told me and put it in writing that masks are too expensive. I want them to stop lying to their employees and telling them there is no risk. If there were no risks, the company would not have pretended to close all the way down (wink, wink) and send everybody home. All they care about is to continue making money. The packaging department is still open and not one person wears a mask or gloves. Going in and out of the building like this put the workers / cleaners lives at risk! They are telling the cleaners that are hired out through ABM that this is an Essential job and that they have to be there or they will be fired. It is not! When has making boat parts become an essential. Maybe to the rich but not to the poor.

They told the workers that they cannot get workman's comp, take vacation pay, or get unemployment. Again, making and receiving boat parts is not an essential. The government needs to stop this company from hurting people or possibly killing another person there.

I called the Health Department and OSHA on them. They fired me 9 days later.

Please help the workers who are still being forced to come in and clean the Mercury Marine facility. They really need your support. Thank you and GOD Bless us all!

Why is this important?

It is important because ABM / Mercury does not care about their workers. They do not even give them the proper PPE to wear. They are putting everyone's lives at risk but their own. The workers do not want to be there but instead should be at home with their families and loved ones.


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