To: WALMART - Store 3591, Montgomery Texas

Stop cutting our hours

To stop cutting our full time hours on full time employees.

Why is this important?

Because if it isn't stopping, NOW. I Wont have a job to go to, unless it isn't Walmart. I'll be forced out, forcing me too find full-time employment. Not only to pay, my rent and buy food . But to stop the eviction that's coming, and only reason is. 100% because of my cut hours with Walmart. And stop then worries and trembling that I have never had before being told from management that there. Is nothing anyone can do about it, so if you're schedule says to work 9 hrs. For the week, just follow your schedule. Just do it. Lol. 😂 OMG! And I could have used other words here, but that's not me. Is anyone at Walmart listening???, are at least trying to apply common sense?? To what I and an thousands of other faithfull Walmart employees are saying? And no Walmart is not the only place of employment for us, and just trying to figure out if that's what Walmart wants? And is it there goal ? To work with less employees , even the faithfully and hardworking one? Just to not to have the Heart do it the right way and be straight up with employees and tell us that it would be best if we seek other full time employment? I Sure would appreciate the REAL answer. Because I doubt seriously I'm the only one stressing the unanswered questions of our full-time 40 week, when? And if it will ever be reinstated? AND WHEN? Are if I should leave my job with full-time benefits? And seek other full time employment? And forget about benefits . That will never be usefull anyways with 9 hour weeks.
And just get new full time employment, to keep a roof over me and my family head and food in our stomach ,? Again, just appreciate some real straight up answers.