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To: Starbucks UK

Stop Starbucks UK from Wasting Food

Stop Starbucks UK from Wasting Food

We want Starbucks UK to stop throwing away perfectly good food at the end of the day

Why is this important?

In my store we throw out about 30 items of food at the end of the day but UK staff are not allowed to take some home without buying it and we are banned from giving it away to homeless shelters etc. In the US, Starbucks has implemented a 'Food Share' program that distributes leftover meals to food banks but what about the hundreds of Starbucks stores in the UK?


Reasons for signing

  • We are told to waste more food most the time as we aren't wasting enough. Completely backwards and against everything decent people stand for. Could be going to starving people but instead has to go in the bin or you will be disciplined.
  • This is a massive problem in the US too. If we can start somewhere, maybe food waste could be reduced internationally
  • It's the right thing to do.


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