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To: Bite Squad

Stop using my tip as money guaranteed

I want them to stop taking my tips and using them as money guaranteed from them. Also, I would like to be able to see the tip amount from each order I deliver.

Why is this important?

Because they don't offer any help with car repairs and only give a 1 dollar for gas per order, even if it is 12 miles away. It's not fair. I'm doing all the work and they get to use my own tip money for their guaranteed pay.


Reasons for signing

  • Im signing not just for the drivers but also customers who already pay a delivery fee and think they are adding a tip, not wage subsidies. Its flat out dishonest terminology.
  • I signed this petition because having worked for DoorDash, PostMates & InstaCart, they all pay us less money for the base pay if a customer tips us well. Regardless of what we get(if we actually get it) get for a tip should have nothing to do with the amount we get paid to do the work.
  • They need to pay more. Especially doing apartments. I want all my money


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