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To: West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education

Stop WCCUSD Graduate Tutor Cuts!

Stop WCCUSD Graduate Tutor Cuts!

Vote to save Graduate Tutor jobs at the Board meeting on March 20th. Make cuts outside school classrooms and Learning Centers rather than eliminating essential educators.

Voten por salvar los trabajos de Tutor en la reunión de la Junta de WCCUSD el 20 de marzo. Haga recortes fuera de nuestros salones y centros de aprendizaje en lugar de eliminar a educadores esenciales.

Why is this important?

Graduate Tutors work closely with English Learner and Newcomer students — students who have recently arrived in the United States from another country. Cutting Graduate Tutor jobs would have a devastating impact on individual student achievement and would eliminate one of the only safety nets this demographic, and the other students who receive additional academic support from Graduate Tutors can consistently rely on for individualized, small group support.

One thing is very clear: Without graduate tutors, students, parents, teachers — everyone loses.

¿Porque es importante?

Los tutores graduados trabajan en estrecha colaboración con estudiantes de inglés, estudiantes nuevas a la comunidad, y estudiantes que han llegado recientemente a los Estados Unidos desde otro país. Recortar trabajos de tutores graduados tendría un impacto devastador en el rendimiento individual de los estudiantes y eliminaría una de las únicas redes de seguridad de este grupo demográfico, y otros estudiantes que reciben apoyo académico adicional de los tutores graduados que hoy en día pueden contar con el apoyo individualizado en grupos pequeños.

Una cosa está muy clara: sin tutores graduados, estudiantes, padres, maestros: todos pierden.

Reasons for signing

  • Very important issue for our students.
  • My mother-in-law is one of the most dedicated and underpaid employees in your school district. The grad tutors support the academic improvement of underserved children in our district at bargain basement prices. They are in the trenches and they do it from their hearts.
  • We need Grad Tutors at ALL WCCUSD school sites to help all failing students at all WCCUSD schools because our teachers do not have time to help our failing kids, whether in Richmond or in Hercules. We are being pitted against teachers as a result of the 15% pay raise they received. Other districts are doing the same thing, granting raises to teachers, then cutting other staff. We need these support staff AND properly compensated teachers, not one or the other.


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