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To: (CEO Jason Chicola)

Support from Customers for Fair Wages for Workers

Support from Customers for Fair Wages for Workers

We are Rev customers who utilize's transcription, captioning, and translation services.

Recently, we have become aware that the base pay of Rev transcriptionists was cut from $0.45 to $0.30 per minute (Rev generally charges $1/min), a 33% decrease in base pay for workers.

We demand that this pay cut be reversed, and any future changes in pay be made by consulting workers in an open forum in advance of any proposed changed being implemented.

Why is this important?

We respect the rights and autonomy of freelancers and gig workers to be paid a fair and living wage. Transcriptionists are the heart and soul of and decreasing pay abruptly and without announcement or community input puts undue strain on workers, who deserve to be treated as vital participants in any company success.


Reasons for signing

  • Be grateful you're fortunate enough to have an idea for a useful company in the global marketplace. Show that gratitude by fairly and properly paying your transcriptionists. Pay your people and it comes back to you ten fold Jason Chicola.
  • Rev makes transcriptions really easy and convenient for filmmakers and I've used them happily for years, but I can't keep doing so if they aren't paying workers fairly. Wish I could return as a customer!
  • Fair wages for all Rev transcriptionists and more reasonable audio quality.


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500 signatures reached

2019-11-13 00:48:52 -0500

This petition started with the intention of gathering support from Rev customers, but we recognize a number of Rev workers have signed. If you feel comfortable doing so, when you sign as a Rev worker, you can indicate that, so we can still have a sense of how many customers have signed, as these are distinct (but both crucial!) audiences to gathering support and showing Rev we care.

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