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To: Target

Target Starbucks (piercings and hats)

I want Target to allow piercings and also remove the mandatory hat Starbucks Team Members have to wear

Why is this important?

Letting Starbucks team members wear piercings allows for the team member to express their true self and feel comfortable. Wearing hats while being a barista can be really annoying since it gets extremely hot with a hat on. Wearing hats can be even more annoying for women since they get hot quicker because of their hair. As team members we want to feel acknowledged and like a Team Member of Target. All other Team Members are allowed to wear piercings and are not required to wear hats and as Target baristas we feel left out. Yes, it is a food area but not all restaurants and cafes require the use of a hat or ban piercings. Short hair for men and a high bun for women is fair in my opinion.



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