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To: Medford School Board

Tell Medford School District Management to Rebuild the Trust with Our Community

On March 7, 2014, the nearly 600 members of the MEA ratified a new contract by a wide margin--a welcome culmination of an almost year-long battle with school officials to rebuild trust with the community. MEA President Cheryl Lashley commented, "Together we stood strong for Medford schools and the students we serve. We know that it will be important to take needed steps in healing, but with the solid support of our community, teachers have a foundation to build upon. We are grateful for all the support that continues to pour in from the community. Most of all we are glad to be back in our classrooms with our students providing them with the quality services they deserve." Thank you for signing our petition and speaking out for quality education in Medford. Together, we achieved a great victory for our children.

Tell Medford School District Management to Rebuild the Trust with Our Community

The Medford School Board is ultimately responsible for maintaining effective relationships with community, parents, and staff. These relationships, built on mutual respect and trust, are a vital ingredient in the pursuit of quality education for all Medford students. Unfortunately, many members of our community feel like Medford School District is not treating all stakeholders as equal partners in the education of our students.

Just last month, Medford School District’s bargaining team unexpectedly walked away from IBB bargaining which is an interest and trust-based collaborative bargaining process. When the District Bargaining Team left Medford’s educators at the table, they further eroded the relationships with staff and the community. Members of the community expect better from their elected representatives on the School Board. Petitioners call on district representatives to return to the bargaining table prepared to treat teachers with respect, ready to meet commitments, and willing to settle a fair contract which recognizes the passion your educators bring to the classroom every day.

We the undersigned, call on the Medford School Board to begin to Rebuild the Broken Trust with parents, community members, and staff, so that we can all focus on our mission of ensuring a great public education for all Medford students.

Why is this important?

In order for the Medford Public School District to meet the educational needs of our students, we must foster a culture of mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders—parents, educators, education support professionals, school administration, the Medford community, and our elected school board. When the Medford School District’s bargaining team abruptly abandoned the bargaining table and hired a Salem lawyer to lead negotiations with teachers, they reinforced what many members of our community were already feeling… that our voices are not respected and valued by our School District Management.
When educators began asking how others feel about their relationship with the district, it revealed other actions that harm the community’s trust in the District, including:
*District Management committed to preserving an early retirement option, yet have continually attempted to rollback this benefit in bargaining beginning in 2009.
* District Management promised students, staff and the community equitable funding for both high schools from the 2006 bond project, yet dramatically reduced the allocation to North Medford High School. Other schools were also neglected but the administrative building was remodeled.
* District Management continues to allow class sizes in Medford to remain among some of the highest in the valley.
* Earlier this year, District Management approved salary increases for all administrators, but demanded cuts from other employees.
These decisions and others like them create a climate of distrust and disrespect which interfere with Medford Public Schools’ mission to provide all students with a fantastic public education.

By signing this petition, you are taking the first step in holding the Medford School Board accountable for the deteriorating relationships with their staff, parents, and community. When this petition is delivered, members of our school board will know the community is paying attention to their actions and that we expect better for Medford students.


Reasons for signing

  • Medford Schools have always had a good reputation. But, I'm seeing new families move into the area and choose other local cities to live in due to the education advantages of those cities. Medford needs the support of the School Board to be successful. Teachers need ample prep time and sufficient support staff in the class room for class sizes and/or special needs students.
  • Teachers must feel respected, appreciated and rewarded for the time, energy and dedication they spend on their students!
  • support public education


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