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To: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters Employees Demand Action on Protecting Right to Choose

Thomson Reuters Employees Demand Action on Protecting Right to Choose

Employees of THOMSON REUTERS ask for assurances from our employer to protect employee bodily autonomy, regardless of an employee’s state of residence or employment. The company must explicitly state this commitment as part of its value statement and through the following actions:

1. THOMSON REUTERS must ensure employees who want an abortion will have their healthcare covered by their insurance or by a fund set up to cover this healthcare regardless of state of residence/employment. This must not be capped or related to other fertility or pregnancy related benefits.
2. THOMSON REUTERS must ensure employees who need to travel to another region/state for an abortion will have their travel costs covered and not need to use vacation time to support that
3. THOMSON REUTERS must ensure the anonymity of all employees using abortion healthcare and travel benefits
4. THOMSON REUTERS must offer a bail and legal costs fund for employees arrested during peaceful protests on abortion rights or from pregnancy criminalization
5. THOMSON REUTERS must not hold corporate sponsored events, including but not limited to Annual Sales Meetings and Synergy, in states where bodily autonomy rights are limited
6. THOMSON REUTERS must not sponsor events with marketing dollars in states that do not protect the right to choose
7. THOMSON REUTERS must disclose donations to anti-choice candidates

Why is this important?

Employees must demand action from corporations to yield economic pressure in support of the right to choose and to ensure talent believes in the ethos of their employer.



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