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To: FedEx CEO

FedEx take care of your injured workers

Right now, we have 45 days of recovery from the date of injury, not surgery. If an injury requires surgery, give drivers 90 days from the date of surgery to recover without risk of losing their route.

So I drive for FedEx express. I was injured on the job and this company has a policy that after 45 days, you lose your route and can be kicked out of your station. How can anyone heal after surgery in 45 days? It’s impossible and this is a way to force people back to work before they are fully healed. I can understand for bad sprains or like a rolled ankle just needing some time to rest but to include people with serious injuries and having to have surgery is absolutely ridiculous. It is not fair to do that to somebody and their family.

Why is this important?

Because the more drivers who come together maybe we can have this policy changed immediately.


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