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To: Instacart and Apoorva Mehta

Tip Transparency and Honesty

Tip Transparency and Honesty

Empower customers and workers by allowing them to determine their market value instead of letting Instacart set a predetermined value through deceptive practices. Article below explains the gist of the story.

Why is this important?

The livelihood of many workers is at stake. It is part of the somewhat loosely regulated gig economy and this move by Instacart is allowing unfair practices in labor and is affecting the lives of thousands of diligent workers who are unable to make nearly the wage they were previously before the change.


Reasons for signing

  • I tried working with Instacart and despite a very good record according to my ratings I often received pay that was very often less than ten dollars an hour.
  • Company is taking our tips to use for their benefit
  • I only bring in maybe 300 on a good week. All my money go to getting back and forward and maybe lunch. I have for children rent of 1300 plus ele. I afford living with this job like i need another job plus this.


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